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C.D., Prior U.S. Army State DOC East Coast

I have had the opportunity to shoot several different AR/M4 type rifles in my 25+ years of combined Military and Law Enforcement careers. I can say without hesitation that my go to, dependable, serious use, "when my Life is on the line" rifles are exclusively MSTN rifles.

Quite simply, they work… Very Well! Wes spares not one detail when it comes to the quality of components he uses. If you want the very best… MSTN is the place to go.

Some of my friends and shooting associates have stated to me that these are an expensive rifles! I simply reply "How much is your Life worth to you??" Maybe these are not for everyone. But, once you have sought out high quality training (and continue to train), once you have acquired the proper combat mindset, you want the best, most reliable tools you can get your hands on. In the AR family of weapons, Wes at MSTN will be the one building mine!

Prior U.S. Army
State DOC East Coast