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I first heard of Wes while still a new guy on my first deployment. A Noveske Pig on a MK18 sparked the conversation and one of the more seasoned gun guys brought up a builder out by Mid-South who made the slickest uppers around. I contacted him shortly after to inquire about a build.

At the time the 16 Recce was pretty vogue, and it was a great addition to the MK18 when there was a lot of greenspace. I told Wes that I wanted a rifle he would not hesitate to carry into harms way and saying he delivered is an understatement. He built an incredible upper with a 16 Lilja Recce barrel, Larue upper, Youngs NM bolt carrier (all Ion-Bonded) and the new at the time KAC URX. The action of the rifle was still to this day the smoothest I have felt. He also put together a field repair kit and spare bolt for the upper so I did not have to use inferior parts if it went down. The kit was never used but was a nice to have.

While on that same deployment I was having problems with a MK18 upper of mine and Wes was a great help in trouble shooting the issue for me. He seemed to be always available to give advice or assist in any way he could. This customer service alone is the reason I will always find the money to buy the best with MSTN.

After receiving the Recce following deployment I had Wes build me his ideal version of a MK18 upper. Wes delivered again! 10.5 Noveske HFCL was extremely accurate with the MK262 ammo and handled a heavy firing schedule like a champ. The biggest benefit to me though was the attention to detail in the fit and finish up the upper. Reliability was never an issue with any loads I fired through it, from MK262 to the high pressure M855AI.

I have done multiple work up cycles, advanced schools and deployments with these uppers, and never had an issue with reliability and the accuracy of the rifles has not ceased to amaze me. There are no headaches with suppressing these rifles, no concern of running them too hard and the only disappointments have been through the skill of the shooter.

The easiest way for me to prove the quality of product and support that Wes provides is this; I have carried one of Wes uppers on four combat deployments since hearing of his product, and will always find money in my enlisted salary to make sure I will always be equipped with the best. I trust his work with my life and have suggested his product to friends and family without hesitation.