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 A.S., USN
A Noveske Pig on a MK18 sparked the conversation&one of the more seasoned gun guys brought up a builder out by Mid-South who made the slickest uppers around. I contacted him shortly after to inquire  click for full text

 C.D., Prior U.S. Army State DOC East Coast
I can say without hesitation that my go to, dependable, serious use, "when my Life is on the line" rifles are exclusively MSTN rifles.  click for full text

 DJG Dallas, TX
Ive commissioned Wes to custom build a variety of Mk18 SBR and Mk12 uppers over the years.  click for full text

 Jason Redding, Co-Owner Ronin Combat Strategies
Hands down, the very best hard use, custom built AR15 rifles on the planet!  click for full text

I have owned many carbines in my life and built a few myself, but my weapons built by MSTN are by far the slickest, fastest, and most reliable tools that I have.  click for full text

 Randy Davis, Ronin Combat Strategies Instructor
MSTN only uses the best components available, not only the major components but every single part of the weapon.  click for full text