MSTN Precision 18" SPR "Mod 2" Upper Receiver Assembly

Orders made between November 15th & 29th will be
fulfilled and shipped after November 29th, Thanks!

  • Custom Noveske 39.0 ounce 18" SS three groove 1x8" twist barrel with rifle length gas system
  • Custom rifle length gas tube, Ionbond Diamondblack coated
  • Feed ramps polished and contoured
  • LMT shot-peened, proof round tested, MP inspected bolt fitted at 1.4646" +0.001"/- 0.000", Ionbond Diamondblack coated down to the gas rings
  • Young Manufacturing Standard full auto bolt carrier, forged, then centerless ground, then hard chromed, then Ionbond Diamondblack coated, with gas key torqued and staked properly
  • Vltor MUR upper receiver with forward assist and MSTN logo
  • BCM/Vltor Gunfighter charging handle
  • BCM KMR 13" forend with two KeyMod rail sections
  • Vltor KeyMod QD sling mount
  • MSTN QC Brake
  • Function tested
  • FedEx 2 Day Air Shipping

Gas Block

SLR adjustable gas block installed (add $135)

Upper Receiver/Forend

VLTOR MUR/BCM KMR 13" w/ two KeyMod rail sections (included)
VLTOR MUR/BCM KMR 15" w/ two KeyMod rail sections (add $15)
VLTOR MUR/KAC URX 3.1 (add $25)
VLTOR MUR/Geissele Mk 8 13" forend black (add $25)
VLTOR MUR/Geissele Mk 8 13" forend desert dirt (add $50)
VLTOR VIS-KM 12" (add $175)
VLTOR VIS-KM 14" (add $200)

Charging Handle

BCM/VLTOR Gunfighter (included)
PRI Gas Buster (add $43)

Bolt Carrier

Young Manufacturing Standard Carrier (included)
Young Manufacturing National Match Carrier (add $45)

Muzzle Attachment

MSTN QC Brake (included)
Surefire SOCOM 3P (add $50)
Surefire SOCOM MB556 (add $70)


Troy® Sights/Set (add $210)
KAC Micro Sights/Set (add $306)
Elcan SpecterDR™ 1x4 (add $2283)
Nightforce® NXS™ 2.5-10x42 w/ ZeroStop in Larue SPR-S Mount
  With MOAR™ Reticle (add $2200)
  With MIL-R™ Reticle (add $2200)
Nightforce® ATACR™ F1 4-16x42 in Larue SPR-S Mount
  With NP-RF1™ Reticle (add $2650)


Cerakote™ Barrel (add $75)
Cerakote™ Upper Reciever and Forend, one color (add $150)
Cerakote™ Barrel, Upper Reciever and Forend, one color (add $200)