Custom .300 Blackout 6.5" SBR Upper

This unusually compact .300 Blackout upper receiver group is built around the unique and exceptional V Seven 6.5″ .300 Blackout SS barrel. I like using the V Seven barrels because they are the ONLY .300 Blackout barrels that come with appropriate .30 caliber feed ramps!!! Everyone else uses (too small!!!) 5.56mm feed ramps. This super short barrel utilizes a shorter-than-normal gas system plus a specially made straight Inconel gas tube. The gas block is taller than normal to accommodate the gas block, and is held in place by both roll pin and set screw. The bolt is an LMT shot peened, proof round tested, MP-inspected bolt. Its fit with the barrel has been checked with PTG go, no-go gauges. The bolt carrier is by Young Manufacturing, first forged, then centerless ground, and then hard chromed. The bolt, bolt carrier, and all small parts have been Ionbond DLC coated all the way down to the gas rings. An ambi BCM/Vltor Gunfighter charging handle is utilized. A super light 6.5 ounce Battle Arms Development upper receiver has been selected for use with this package. The short Fortis Switch handguard has had the top rail contoured to perfectly match with that of the Battle Arms Development upper receiver. A Troy Claymore sits out front. This muzzle device serves as a remarkably good flash suppressor on such a short barrel. The design also contributes to the dwell time of the bullet and helps make this package work reliably. Shown are a few photos of my own Battle Arms Development PDW SBR with an upper exactly like this. I’ve got about 250 rounds with 100% reliability through my SBR shown. The accuracy is really remarkable, too. Off my elbows, I can comfortably shoot 1.25″ groups at 50 yards with no problem. Know your NFA regulations before buying. No shipment to states where not legal. A complete SBR like the one pictured is also available. All NFA regs apply.


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