MSTN Basic Lightweight 14.5″ 5.56 Rifle

Recently, I was asked by a customer to build up some Aero Precision M4E1 lower receivers. I was impressed by the surprising level of quality at such a price point.

So, I picked up several complete M4E1 upper and lower receiver sets. To go with them, I obtained some of the new Dark Hour Defense (aka “DHD”) lower receiver parts. DHD is a subsidiary of V Seven, the guys that make the best AR’ parts out there out of titanium and aluminum. DHD parts are just as well made, Ionbond DLC coated as well, but made of steel. The DHD parts are the equal in every respect, just weigh a tad more – and cost less.

In my first Aero Precision build, the really important parts in an AR’ I left the same: Noveske HFCL 14.5″ mid-length “Skinny” barrel; JP Enhanced Bolt, DLC coated; Vltor A5 recoil system; Young Mfg. DLC coated bolt carrier; and Surefire WarComp. I also went with the unbeatable LaRue MBT trigger, BCM MCMR forend, Geissele Maritime Latch, Magpul furniture, and Surefire WarComp, pinned & welded.

The result is a sub-six pound, hard use capable AR’ that will cost far less than a billet and titanium version of the identical weapon, and weigh just a few ounces more. $2450 delivered.


Contact MSTN for availability.

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