MSTN Custom Full House .300 Blackout AR-15 Pistol

No expense spared in the creation of this 4 3/4 LB 8.5″ .300 Blackout – The best of everything employed!!!

The foundation of this build is the Battle Arms Development 556-LW billet receiver set. The barrel is a Noveske, with contoured and polished feed ramps, coated in Cerakote Graphite Black. The frond is the Battle Arms 6.7″ RigidRail. Out front is the Troy Claymore in .30 caliber. This can be changed out to suit the customer’s needs. Note that sufficient barrel is exposed here for suppressor use. The bolt carrier group is the JP FMOS, all DLC coated. The charging handle is the Geissele Airborne SCH. The SBA3 pistol brace houses a JP SCS recoil system. TriggerTech provided the 3.5 LB straight trigger. The trigger is secured in place by DLC coated titanium fire control pins from V Seven. Also from V Seven are the titanium safety, receiver end plate and tube nut, buffer stop, and magazine release. Battle arms Development created the billet bolt catch and push pins. The pistol grip is the Magpul MOE SL, secured in place by a V Seven titanium grip screw.

Comes in a padded plastic hard case with one Magpul 20-RD 5.56 magazine or one 30-RD .300 Blackout magazine, your choice.
Extra magazines available for $15 each.

Despite this pistol’s low, low weight, recoil with hot Barnes 110 TSX loads during the function test was remarkably light and smooth. I will make a point to use this JP SCS in all future .300 Blackout builds for that reason.

This pistol is truly “custom”. Therefore it is also further “customizable”. It can be changed within reason to more closely fit what your concept of what is “ideal” for you might be. For example, we could go with a different muzzle device to accommodate your particular suppressor. If you’d prefer a different trigger, it’s not a problem to swap them out. If no suppressor use is anticipated, a longer 9″ rail can be substituted. If the Moe SL isn’t your first choice, I have a good selection of pistol grips in stock.

Also available is the superb Aimpoint T-2 with a variety of mounts.


Contact MSTN for availability.

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