MSTN Custom Hard Use AR Carbine

New hard use rig with best quality components used throughout. SanTan Tactical STT-15L billet receiver set and Geissele Mk 8 rail with Noveske HFCL 14.5 barrel. Feed ramps contoured and polished. Surefire WarComp pinned and welded. JP FMOS bolt carrier group, with DLC coated bolt fitted at 1.4656″. Geissele SCH charging handle. TriggerTech Competitive Flat trigger – 3.5 LB.

All the small parts are DLC coated titanium from V Seven – push pins, trigger pins, safety, trap door and pivot rod, receiver end plate and tube nut, grip screw, etc. Magpul plastic.

Weight 6.25 LB.

Delivered in a hard plastic case with foam padding plus one Magpul Gen III 30-Round Pmag.


Contact MSTN for availability.

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