MSTN Custom Top Shelf 6.5″ .300 Blackout PDW AR-15 Pistol

Best quality components produce best quality results. These are all best quality parts: Battle Arms Development (aka “BAD”) 556-LW billet receiver set combined with BAD-CSS-P VERT Pistol Brace System complete with Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1…. none finer! V Seven 6.5″ SS barrel with SS gas block, with proper .30 caliber feed ramps. Feed ramps contoured and polished. Headspace checked with PTG gauges. Fortis 7″ Switch rail. V Seven titanium Helios muzzle device, DLC coated. Geissele Airborne Super Charging Handle. MSTN DLC coated bolt carrier group with Young Mfg. bolt carrier and LMT proof round tested, MP-inspected bolt. TriggerTech 3.5 LB competitive trigger on V Seven titanium fire control pins. BAD EBC Enhanced Bolt Catch. BAD mag release with BAD extended magazine button. DHD DLC coated SS push pins and short throw safety. Magpul MOE K2 pistol grip and .300 Blackout 30-RD magazine. Weight 5 LB 3 OZ. I’ve had an SBR almost exactly like this for four years and it has served me well. It has been 100% reliable, never a single malfunction in thousands of rounds, fun to shoot… and amazingly accurate. With an just an Aimpoint, off my elbows, it will hit 10″ steel all day at 300 yards. Also available: Aimpoint T-2 in Aimpoint 39mm throw lever mount; more Magpul .300 Blackout Pmags; Surefire M340 Scout Light; Blue Force Gear Vickers slings – and much more. No sales to States where not legal. Ships in a hard plastic case with foam padding to your FFL.


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