MSTN “Long Walk” 5.56 Rifle

This AR was built with two purposes in mind: Optimum reliability and minimum weight while accomplishing this. If you had to, say, take a “long walk”, where you might want the maximum firepower in a minimal form factor, this would be the ideal rifle to have along.

Reliability and precision are ensured by only using top shelf components:

SanTan STT-15L billet receiver set
Noveske 14.5″ hammer forged, chrome lined “Skinny” profile barrel with mid-length gas system – These 20.5 ounce barrels are not only light but sub-MOA capable. Feed ramps contoured and polished.
Full mass Young Mfg. M-16 bolt carrier – forged, then centerless ground, then hard chromed, and lastly Ionbond DLC coated
Chromed and then DLC coated gas key, torqued and staked by yours truly
JP DLC coated bolt – headspaced at 1.4666″
DLC coated firing pin and cam pin
DLC coated gas tube
LaRue MBT trigger
Vltor A5 recoil system with A5-H1 buffer

TIG pin and weld of the muzzle device by Matt McLearn of McLearn Custom Guns

Minimum weight is accomplished by using top shelf lightweight components that make no compromises in reliability. Starting with the STT-15L receiver set and Noveske “Skinny” profile barrel is the way to go, but there are several other components that figure into making this rifle weigh only 5 pounds, 2.5 ounces:

MFT stock
Magpul SLR grip
V7 Al push pin set, DLC coated
V7 Ti receiver end plate and tube nut, DLC coated
V7 Ti buffer stop
V7 Ti grip screw
V7 Hybrid Ti/Al 57 degree safety
V7 Ti barrel nut
V7 Ti gas block
V7 Ti Fusion muzzle brake
Super rare magnesium alloy BCM KMR – long ago discontinued

One black Gen 3 Pmag included. Price delivered in a hard case $3100.

I hope I never have to make a long walk home. But, if I ever did, this 5 LB 2.5 OZ rifle would be a key part of the sort of kit I’d like to have available to me.


Contact MSTN for availability.

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