Thermal Defense Solutions Badger II 7.62 Suppressor

The BADGER II 7.62 was designed from the start be a true 7.62 full auto rated suppressor, short and compact for AR’ and AK’ assault weapons. With durable Inconel 718 construction, this suppressor will survive the toughest conditions and continue to perform. The design pushes the gasses out and away from the shooter that would normally obstruct field of view, with noise reduction unsurpassed in the industry. Quiet, clean, and accurate. Note the photo of the Badger II 7.62 alongside the Surefire SOCOM 7.62 RC. The Badger II is over seven ounces lighter than the Surefire can with its required muzzle device. The Badger II 7.62 is #3 from the left in the Thermal Defense Solutions “family photo”. This suppressor was created by Oak Ridge National Laboratories and is built by Bastech, Inc., 3D printed from 25 micron particles of Inconel 718. Thermal Defense Solutions patented design is a quantum leap in sound suppressor technology and performance. The BADGER is a 5/8×24 direct thread mount. Key Features: Lightweight. Inconel construction. Full auto rated. forward gas release. 60% thermal signature reduction. Note that the TDS website has not been updated yet to include the current Badger II specs.The actual specifications: Calibers: .300 blk out, 7.62×39, 7.62×51. Length: 7 Diameter: 1.7 Weight: 17oz. Thread Pattern: 5/8-24. MSTN is a TDS dealer. All NFA regulations apply. No sales to States where not legal.



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