Thermal Defense Solutions BANTAM II Suppressor

At a mere 8.5 ounces, 1.2″ diameter, and 5″ long, the compact BANTAM II looks more like a .22 LR suppressor, but is amazingly big on performance on a 5.56. 3D printed from Inconel 718, a high temperature nickel super alloy, this micro suppressor was designed specifically to work with 5.5645 NATO and reduce the sound signature to under the hearing safe threshold (140dB) while minimizing form factor. Back pressure is minimal and yet the level of sound suppression from such a small device is amazing. Accuracy and repeatability are as good as anything out there, too.

There is simply nothing remotely like the Bantam II. For rifles with barrels 14.5″ and longer, you don’t need more suppressor out front than this.

Key Features:

Inconel construction
Full auto rated
forward gas release
60% thermal signature reduction

Specifications: 22 short up to 5.56 NATO

Length: 5.0″
Diameter: 1.20
Weight: 8.4 oz.
Thread Pattern: 1/2″-28
Material: Inconel 718


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