Many years ago I frequented a site that claimed to be the biggest gun board in the world. AR-15's were popular and A, B, and C ruled the market. But they didn't have what I was looking for. I came across an ad selling Mk12 Mod 1 uppers. I inquired and discovered what is one of the finest shooting uppers I own. Wes Grant and a company called MSTN became my go to for rifles, parts, and anything I couldn't find. In those days Wes apparently had a hotline to KAC, because every time I needed a part he was there. Wes and MSTN made a move to AZ, and I lost track of him for a bit. I was in the market for an AR, and I came across MSTN again. I bought a spectacular shooting rifle from him. I loved it so much in the span of a month I bought another one. Wes uses the best components to build his rifles. He knows what works together and his craftsmanship is outstanding in every way. A great product and great customer service has kept me a customer for years. If you want the highest quality rifle, optics, and accessories you can't go wrong checking out MSTN and Wes Grant. He has exceeded my expectations every time I have relied on him. Im glad I found him, and I'll be a loyal customer for as long as Im buying rifles.
Dennis M Muldrew
I first heard of Wes while still a new guy on my first deployment. A Noveske Pig on a MK18 sparked the conversation and one of the more seasoned gun guys brought up a builder out by Mid-South who made the slickest uppers around. I contacted him shortly after to inquire about a build. At the time the 16 Recce was pretty vogue, and it was a great addition to the MK18 when there was a lot of greenspace. I told Wes that I wanted a rifle he would not hesitate to carry into harms way and saying he delivered is an understatement. He built an incredible upper with a 16 Lilja Recce barrel, Larue upper, Youngs NM bolt carrier (all Ion-Bonded) and the new at the time KAC URX. The action of the rifle was still to this day the smoothest I have felt. He also put together a field repair kit and spare bolt for the upper so I did not have to use inferior parts if it went down. The kit was never used but was a nice to have. While on that same deployment I was having problems with a MK18 upper of mine and Wes was a great help in trouble shooting the issue for me. He seemed to be always available to give advice or assist in any way he could. This customer service alone is the reason I will always find the money to buy the best with MSTN. After receiving the Recce following deployment I had Wes build me his ideal version of a MK18 upper. Wes delivered again! 10.5 Noveske HFCL was extremely accurate with the MK262 ammo and handled a heavy firing schedule like a champ. The biggest benefit to me though was the attention to detail in the fit and finish up the upper. Reliability was never an issue with any loads I fired through it, from MK262 to the high pressure M855AI. I have done multiple work up cycles, advanced schools and deployments with these uppers, and never had an issue with reliability and the accuracy of the rifles has not ceased to amaze me. There are no headaches with suppressing these rifles, no concern of running them too hard and the only disappointments have been through the skill of the shooter. The easiest way for me to prove the quality of product and support that Wes provides is this; I have carried one of Wes uppers on four combat deployments since hearing of his product, and will always find money in my enlisted salary to make sure I will always be equipped with the best. I trust his work with my life and have suggested his product to friends and family without hesitation.
I have had the opportunity to shoot several different AR/M4 type rifles in my 25+ years of combined Military and Law Enforcement careers. I can say without hesitation that my go to, dependable, serious use, "when my Life is on the line" rifles are exclusively MSTN rifles. Quite simply, they work… Very Well! Wes spares not one detail when it comes to the quality of components he uses. If you want the very best… MSTN is the place to go. Some of my friends and shooting associates have stated to me that these are an expensive rifles! I simply reply "How much is your Life worth to you??" Maybe these are not for everyone. But, once you have sought out high quality training (and continue to train), once you have acquired the proper combat mindset, you want the best, most reliable tools you can get your hands on. In the AR family of weapons, Wes at MSTN will be the one building mine!
C.D., Prior U.S. Army State DOC East Coast
I've commissioned Wes to custom build a variety of Mk18 SBR and Mk12 uppers over the years. Each rifle was purpose built using the finest components available requiring extreme precision and attention to detail. In addition to top tier quality, Wes provides impeccable customer service. Ive dealt with a number of other gunsmiths who build a great product, however getting them to respond via email in a timely manner is an exercise in frustration. Wes has never let me down and often replies to emails in hours, not days. If youre looking for a premier AR gunsmith with years of experience and great customer service, look no further than Wes Grant at MSTN.
DJG Dallas, TX
Hands down, the very best hard use, custom built AR15 rifles on the planet! Wes Grants attention to detail and top quality hand-fitted components make these the go to guns for real world shooters. I personally have a MSTN 10.5" SBR that has well over 50,000 rounds down the pipe and still runs like a champ! S/F
Jason Redding, Co-Owner Ronin Combat Strategies
I have owned many carbines in my life and built a few myself, but my weapons built by MSTN are by far the slickest, fastest, and most reliable tools that I have. That is probably why I have gotten rid of the rest of my carbines for the two built by MSTN. MSTNs attention to detail goes far beyond the norm. I have rarely had a weapon run as dead-ass reliably out of the box as I have my two from MSTN. The customer service and communications are outstanding. Their custom builds are constructed of the finest materials to exacting standards by a trained Mechanical Engineer who is only slightly less particular than I am! I would not know about their warranty service, as I have NEVER HAD A WARRANTY CLAIM on any of their products, but I strongly suspect that their warranty is as strong as their products. I would never go anywhere other than to MSTN for anything that they sell and I would never buy a carbine from anyone else.
There are multiple reasons that I highly recommend MSTN. Wes is a great guy to deal with and provides outstanding customer service. He stands behind his products and takes extra steps in their construction that I have not seen from anyone in the firearms industry. He takes the time to talk in depth with the customer to ensure that the weapon is purpose built for the application that the end user requires. His knowledge of set ups for different applications comes from extensive time speaking with top level competitive shooters and LE/MIL shooters, many of whom run his products. Wes also spends a lot of time on the range testing and evaluating any and every component prior to ever using it in one of his builds. MSTN only uses the best components available, not only the major components but every single part of the weapon. This combination of attention to detail and superior components culminates in the most accurate and reliable uppers that I have fired. I had heard of MSTN but thought they were the same as every other custom AR' company. Then, I happened to be at a police range for a Surefire suppressor demo that Wes also attended. We spoke for a while and then I fired one of his rifles. The accuracy of the weapon and the smooth, flawless operation made it apparent that he was doing something special with these rifles. After shooting that day I started talking regularly to Wes about his rifles. I was impressed at the depth of knowledge he has concerning the AR platform. I own two MSTN uppers, a MK12 Mod 0 and a 14.5" upper. Both are purpose built and perform well above expectation. My MK12 is a consistently averages 1/2 MOA rifle from 100 meters to 800 meters. I have owned this weapon for 6 years and the accuracy amazes me every time I take it to the range. 600 yard shots are boringly consistent. While in the military, I was issued a MK12. Comparing my old data to that of the MSTN rifle was interesting. Either I've suddenly gone from an MOA shooter to a half-MOA shooter, or I'm using better equipment now. I have run this Mk 12 extremely hard while teaching and have had no issues. The mid length 14.5" upper I have used both instructing and as a student for 5 years. I have put about 8,000 rounds through this rifle during this time and have had no issues. The 14.5" is subjected to very demanding courses of fire. I have done this suppressed and unsuppressed with the same results. I cannot remember any malfunctions that I have encountered that were not magazine or ammo related. The 14.5" also holds an average of a 3/4 MOA. As a former Army Sniper there are two things that I place emphasis on when evaluating a weapon. Those two things are accuracy and reliability in adverse conditions. I have fired many MSTN rifles, and every one that I have fired is exceptional in these two areas. Also, the fit and finish of every weapon that I have seen from MSTN is exceptional. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very true. For the person that wants the best rifle available, I would highly suggest speaking with MSTN.
Randy Davis, Ronin Combat Strategies Instructor
Former Army Sniper, LEO and Security Contractor